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Free 30day trial

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[row] [span2] [service_box title=”Secure, encrypted message” icon=”icon6″ text=”Encrypt all communications through network. BigAnt IM suite use server/client platform to set up a private and secure instant messaging network in company.” custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [span2] [service_box title=”Transfer any Files and Folders” icon=”icon7″ text=”Transfer files from PC to PC, forward a received file, or transfer a folder with multiple contacts at one time.” custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [span2] [service_box title=”Active Directory Integration” icon=”icon5″ text=”Import user accounts from a global catalog and create contact list on BigAnt IM server. Create roles for restriction purpose for your office and business use.” custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [span2] [service_box title=”User Status And Quick Reply” icon=”icon9″ text=”Change status to busy, away, etc. Stores frequently used phrases or sentences as answers to incoming message.”  custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [span2] [service_box title=”Message Logging & Archiving” icon=”icon8″ text=”Send instant message & offline message to a single contact or a group.Stores history message and file archives on IM server. View, search & print history message.” custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [span2] [service_box title=”Many More Features Available” icon=”icon10″ text=”Instant messaging and offline message
Voice chat and video call
Remote desktop access
Group discussion”  custom_class=”main-services”] [/span2] [/row]
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“A total instant messaging solution for your company”

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Download a trial or full version of BigAnt.

BigAnt instant messaging server is provided by BigAntSoft, a provider of secure and stable instant messaging solutions for small, middle-size and enterprise businesses. BigAnt IM server works with BigAnt Messenger.
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Configuration of BigAnt is simples!

The configuration of BigAnt IM server will take less than 1 minute. Launch the BigAnt server, enter your company name and select a database (Access or SQL) that will be used to store the history message, user accounts etc. BigAnt IM Server has the Active Directory Import Wizard that allows you to import user accounts from the Active Directory (LDAP) catalog by Organizational Units, Groups, Users criteria. Or manually create the user accounts.
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Chat, call, video call and Remote Desktop…

People with BigAnt messenger installed can connect to the IM server by providing valid login account information. Now you can send message, transfer files, start video call or remote desktop by using BigAnt messenger.
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   For Windows

BigAnt was designed for windows so you have access to all the features, it’s compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 The IM server is compatible with Windows Server NT 4.0 SP4/2000/2003/2008


   For Mac

Currently the BigAnt for Mac beta can only send and receive text message, and the history message will not be stored. We are working to optimize it. Any suggestion and questions from you are greatly appreciated.


   For Mobile  

Currently BigAnt works with Blackberry OS 4.5 or above and Andoid 2.3 or above.

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