BigAnt Client

BigAnt Office Messenger has a history of more than 8 years continually improved, features with 128bit encrypted messaging and file sending, clear structured on-line user list, and more…

• Easy to use • Instant messaging • Group Discussion • Remote desktop • Broadcast message
• Voice/Video chat • Send file/folder • LiveChat on website • BigAnt Document Management


Easy to use

BigAnt Office Messenger is easy to use with its clear design and conventional interface, similar to Microsoft Messenger or Lync. Every client will be connected to the BigAnt server located in your company, whether you have LAN connection only, are connected from the internet or via VPN. Don’t worry about remembering more passwords because your login account and password can be the same as they are in the Active Directory/LDAP

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Instant messaging

Send instant and offline messages to contacts from anywhere and ticket your message as read or unread. All messages will be logged on both the client’s computer and the BigAnt server, and you can search with query conditions and print your dialog in one click.

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Group Discussion

Discussions can be started between participants in real time, and members can be invited or removed at any point. Arrange group discussions within departments, add multiple contacts or select users to create personalised discussion groups. Records can be kept of group discussions for future reference and can be printed out with ease.

Remote desktop

With permissions, Remote Computer’s desktop will be displayed on your screen in just a few seconds. By using your own keyboard and mouse, Remote Session initiator will allow you to view and access your BigAnt contacts’ desktops to give them instant assistance – your contacts have to be online though!

Broadcast message

Also called BigAnt Bulletin Board! Use this to notify other users about meetings, holiday announcements and to send notices to all employees, selected groups or individual users. Users can discuss or respond to the thread in real time.

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Voice/Video chat

The quality of video and voice chat via BigAnt messenger is clear and unimpaired thatnks to its leading edge VOIP technology. Voice and screen is superbly synchronized, you can alter video screen size between full screen and reduced screen, and it only takes approximately 5kbs of the bandwidth usage!

File & folder transfer/forward

File transfers & forwarding are quick and simple when it comes to BigAnt Office Messenger, even a folder can be directly exchanged. Just drag and drop the file or folder onto the recipient’s name, it’s that easy. Or why not try “Quick Send” – BigAnt’s exclusive feature! Simply right click a file and send it straight from your browser.

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LiveChat on Website

BigAnt Office Messenger also includes the value-added Live Chat. It can be simply integrated with your company website, so that visitors can talk with service helpers in a live chat window linked to your website. Operators can handle numerous conversations simultaneously.

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BigAnt Document Management

BigAnt Document Management integrates with BigAnt Office Messenger. This function allows staff the ability to electronically store, manage and share business documents in just a few clicks. This feature is only available for the trial version and Professional version.